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Lemme walk you through it… I’ve wondered from time to time if I could ever restart the ‘Zine. But I never had a perspective or purpose for it. When I shut it down, the snark went to the Cream, the listings went to We Own This Town, and the general subversion went to Nashville’s Dead. Plus, I wasn’t in Nashville and wasn’t connected to the music scene here.

When I came back to Nashville, it wasn’t on my mind to do anything like the Zine again. And then recently, as I hung out with old friends and shot the shit about adulthood, I realized that I do have a perspective for the Zine that’s missing from other sites: the now-middle-aged of us who still don’t fit into the mainstream yet don’t get out to shows as often as we used to. Basically, the same pitch VH1 made in the late 80s.

Where do you buy organic diapers? What’s better, Uber or Lyft? Will Nashville ever get a decent taco? These are our concerns these days, right?

And I have a purpose for a Zine relaunch: you create it. The NashvilleZine is a community publication that’s written by everyone who has a stake in the community. When you’ve got news or something of interest to discuss, hit the Contribute link in the menu to submit it. If there is an event you would like to list on the Community Calendar, submit it here.

Ten years ago, I had two rules for the Zine: 1) you have to be involved in the indie rock scene and 2) you can’t write up your own shows.

I’ve tweaked those rules for Zine 2016: 1) login and 2) write up whatever you like. Also, follow Lucy’s Golden Rule there at the top of the sidebar.

The club is open. Submit what you like. I’m not really going to announce this or push it on social media or whatever. The Zine is yours to make of it what you will.

Todd A

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