Ryan Ervin: one man advantage

Ryan Ervin

I talked to Ryan Ervin (Carter Administration, Spider Virus, Century Club, Minor Toughs) about being a one-man band.

I don’t put any thought into it whatsoever. For me, when it’s done, it’s ready to be heard. I usually post an album as soon as I get the finished master. It was always so hard for me in the past when the bands I was in would record. It seemed like after you were done recording, you’d have to sit around for a few weeks and wait for mixes, then sit around and wait for masters, all the while having to listen to 500 different versions of every song and debate about which one was the best. That whole deal was so stressful and sucked the fun out of recording for me, and I think my insistence on working quickly and putting things out immediately is just a reaction against all of that.

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