Don’t Look Back

This is just the greatest idea: getting bands together to perform one of their classic albums in its entirety. So far, those signed up for the project include The Lemonheads doing It’s a Shame About Ray, The Stooges doing Fun House, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion doing Orange, Dinosaur Jr. doing You’re Living All Over Me, and Belle and Sebastian doing If You’re Feeling Sinister.

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  1. Let’s just say that Dinosaur Jr. needs to get back and stay back.

  2. Bawston Sean says:

    well, shit on a shingle…that’s an AMAZING concert series. fuck mini-Kiss.

  3. Bingham says:

    Would someone please get Clockhammer back together to perform “Klinefelter” They could open for Dinosaur Jr. doing “Your Living All Over Me” and Firehose doing “Raging Full On”

  4. “September 16 and 17 sees Mudhoney play ‘Superfuzz Bigmuff’ plus a selection of early singles at Koko”

    HOLY SHIT! That’s amazing. Did anyone go to their show at The End about 5 years ago? Incredible. For some reason, they had straw bales up on stage and during ‘Hate The Police’, Mark Arm started throwing straw all over the place like a madman. Then the crowd joined in. I think there was an actual mosh pit as well. It was like a freakin’ rock n’ roll hayride.

    I love Mudhoney.

  5. that *is* pretty cool…

  6. De Soleil says:

    J.Mascis is fat. Most fat rockers are great. but … Remember how bad his stuff was after, with one or two exceptions, Bug. Green Mind, ughh! yuck. don’t get me started. Yup, You’ve Living was the pinnacle of goodness.

  7. Bawston Sean says:

    I won’t be happy til Archers of Loaf do “Icky Mettle” all the way through…

  8. Derek says:

    Sun City Girls “torch of the mystics”!!!

  9. Yeah Andy! Mudhoney was the king of the Seattle bands for sure. They still are!

  10. I’m up for attempting to get Clockhammer together! Redo the first album and I’ll buy every format THAT comes on as well!


  11. conway says:

    mudhoney, dang, then the melvins and whoudini its like ’92 again w/o L7 or pearl jam to smell everything up.

  12. pink floyd doing animals.

  13. i’m with ya Bawston, but I would have to insist on Vee Vee

  14. cortney says:

    clockhammer were one of the greatest bands to come out of nashville.

    im my little ole humble opinion.

  15. Conway, Whodini was more like ’85. Trust me. I saw them on the “Freaks Come Out At Night” Tour.

  16. conway says:

    did he play “basketball”? that shit rules

  17. If you ask real nice, we’ll get Schtucket back together and play “Another Ugly Baby” all the way through.



  18. I can’t believe I have to write this: Conway, Kurtis Blow recorded “Basketball.” Whodini were the duo of Jalil and Ecstasy. They did “One Love” and “Big Mouth.”

  19. tucker says:

    awww conway…quit trying to talk music…just put on your speedo and make me a marguerita.

  20. omyben says:

    os mutantes “today is the first day of the rest of your life”

  21. Bawston Sean says:

    The Chambers Brothers doin’ “SHOUT!”, mmm hmm.

  22. Hey, wait, I can come up with something waaaay more obscure with a loooooot more indie cred… um… oh, fuck it…

    I’d like to see Ben Folds Five get back together and play “Ben Folds Five”.

  23. pezbot says:

    hey tucker, conway was in a hot pink inverted man bikini, not a speedo, totally different.

  24. tucker says:

    Inverted man bikini!! That’s so much hotter than a speedo.

  25. pezbot says:

    Not where I was sittin’!

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